Smallhouse Models offers realistic modern day miniatures. We currently specialize in paper products and are always investigating new product ideas.

We also like to help teach you how to make better miniatures yourself; we strive for all our blog posts to be somewhat educational, and some are even full-blown project follow-alongs.

The best place to find us is either here on our website, or on Facebook, Etsy, or Pinterest. Connect with us at your favorite social site! We also always welcome email, so don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!

New Products!

Greeting cards! Everyone loves to get mail, why not send them a card with a cute little miniature scene on it?

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These items are being phased out, get them while you can!

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Introducing Our Birthday Club!

Introducing Our Birthday Club!

I love to celebrate birthdays. Today is my *30th* birthday; it's a big one for me! *throws confetti*…