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Tiny Cats Calendar:
As long as I was ordering myself a "birth year" calendar, why not snag one for my sister as well? The good news is the calendar is every bit as cool as the one I got for myself. The "bad" news is that I have to wait until September to give it to my sister...but that's really her fault for picking that as her birth month, isn't it? LOL! Very happy with my purchase & have no complaints!

Andrea W. of Washington on June 10, 2016 via Etsy

Tiny Water Calendar:
Who in their right mind could pass up a chance to have a mini calendar of their year of birth in their collection? Not me! The calendar is terrific & arrived right on time with the rest of my order, which was especially nice given the issues I've been having on another popular online ordering site lately. Very pleased with my purchase & have no qualms about doing business with this seller again.

Andrea W. of Washington on June 10, 2016 via Etsy

12 Seasonal Garlands:
Absolutely adorable! The picture just can't do justice to how seriously amazingly awesome these are! After *eeking* for a good hour when I finally saw them in person, I knew I had to order the rest of them to complete my collection- which I did just a couple days later. If anyone out there is "on the fence" about ordering these garlands, take my advice & just do it already! You will NOT be sorry! Trust me!

Andrea W. of Washington on June 10, 2016 via Etsy

Tiny Cats Calendar:
Adorable mini calendar! As described!! Easy transaction!!!

Sheryl S. of New Jersey on June 6, 2016 via Ebay

Suzanne H. of Texas on May 22, 2016 via eBay

Happy Halloween Garland:
Received quickly! So perfect and cute! 💯% GREAT SELLER! Thank U🎃

Jardy C. of New York on May 6, 2016 via eBay

July Fourth Garland:
Great Seller!!!

Erica M. of New Mexico on Mar 31, 2016 via eBay

Happy Birthday Garland:
Perfect!! Thank you.

Kathleen R. of Florida on March 21, 2016 via Etsy

Fabiola H. of Mexico on March 16, 2016 via Etsy

Fabiola H. of Mexico on March 13, 2016 via Etsy

Tiny Nature Calendar:
It's perfect, I love it it, looks great in my dollhouse.

Colette T. of Michigan on March 8, 2016 via Etsy

Karen G. of New York on December 10, 2015 via Etsy

Merry Christmas Garland:
Really cute, and works well for me.

Virginia on October 24, 2015 via HBS

Merry Christmas Garland:
Very cute product! Looks just like the picture, words are clear and easy to read and the loops at each end will help to hang it. I am actually using mine in the dining room across the fireplace.

Heather T. on September 9, 2015 via HBS

Lori H. of North Carolina on October 3, 2015 via Etsy

Happy Anniversary Garland:
The garland is really cute.


Darlene Z. of Illinois on August 18, 2015 via Etsy

July Fourth Garland:
Just a wonderful little garland! It is so different from anything I have seen. I'm sure I will want more in the future (I already can see other uses for these garlands on my projects). Thank you so much!

Anne S. of Michigan on July 29, 2015 via Etsy

Happy Halloween Garland:
Great size and great precision.

Milena S. of New York on April 25, 2015 via Etsy

Five Assorted Garlands:
Perfect for my needs! Arrived right away and was well-packed!

Mary S. of Florida on August 12, 2014 via Etsy

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