2015’s Top 5 Most Popular Posts

Let’s start the year off with a quick look back at last year’s top 5 most popular posts. These were some of my favorite ones to write, I’m so glad everyone enjoyed them as much as I did! If you’ve missed one, now is a great chance to catch up.

(#6) Barely not making it into the top five, is the most recent of our tutorial posts on Scale!

This post explains and has pictures of many of the common doll scales, including standard 1:12 dollhouse, half and quarter, Barbie and American Girl Doll.



#5 Our number five most popular post is our fabulous Contemporary Craft Store Cabinet Project!

A start to finish post with tons of images showing the transformation of a generic craft store cabinet / china hutch into a sleek and contemporary cabinet.



#4 Next up is our sharp and to the point Exacto Knives post!

Just a simple hobby knife right? Right! There are still plenty of things to learn about exacto knives that can help you use them better and safer.

Exacto Knives Guide


#3 Coming in at number 3 is the ever helpful 10 Newbie Mistakes!

Just starting out in miniatures? Here are 10 common mistakes miniaturists make and what to do if you’ve made these mistakes.

10 Newbie Dollhouse Mistakes


#2 Our number 2 post really took off, our Ultimate Guide to Printies!

Want to learn how to take regular pictures and turn them into dollhouse printies? We explain how and why and then we do a provide a follow along tutorial.



#1 And finally, the number 1 post is our 2015 Miniatures Shows Map!

This is an interactive map listing all the dollhouse miniature shows of 2015. This show list includes links to all shows, and includes dates and locations.


2015 was a great year and we are looking forward to another great year’s worth of design and miniatures posts! Stay tuned!



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