Introducing Our Birthday Club!

I love to celebrate birthdays. Today is my *30th* birthday; it’s a big one for me! *throws confetti*

My dolls don’t have birthdays, so I throw them a party whenever I want to! It’s been a while for them, so maybe I’ll do another one for them again soon.

Sally here was celebrating her 6th birthday. Next time, she will probably still be celebrating her 6th birthday, but I now have another little girl doll so she can have a friend come to her party! Won’t that be fun?

In celebration of my own birthday, I’ve decided to create a special Birthday Club for my newsletter readers! Yay!

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All you have to do to join is enter your birthday in our webform (name and email too) and then wait for the fun to roll in! Currently, the Birthday Club features special coupons, but who knows, in the future, there might be other neat things in ‘store’! ;)

Why would you want to join my newsletter? Glad you asked! My newsletter features all sorts of fun surprises, from keeping you up to date on any blog posts you might have missed to new products to a list of all the dollhouse and miniature shows happening that month. Occasionally there is even exclusive information about sales and coupons!

Are you afraid of all the spam that it might invite? Have no fear! I DO NOT give out your information, and after a short intro series, my newsletters only come once a month. I’m personally dealing with the fallout of having my own email address being sold to some bridal companies and I know how annoying it is. I will never do that to you, my loyal fans. It’s just icky and uncool.

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  1. Vicki Reply

    I hope you too got to play pin the tail on the donkey!

    Happy 30th April!

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