Black Friday Sale FAQ

So this is exciting! We are having our first ever Black Friday sale! I don’t usually use my blog posts to advertise, but this sale has a few tricky things about it, and I have a lot of new products, so I just wanted to do a quick informational post about the sale.

PercentOffsFirst, what’s on sale?

Just about everything!

All items are marked down a small amount for everyone, but the big discounts are only available to my Black Friday Email Subscribers.

Wait, Email Subscribers?

The Black Friday email series has been running all this month, sending out coupon codes for freebie items, and later, on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, the percentage off codes for those days. This email series is *not* my main monthly newsletter, so if you are signed up for that only, you *will* miss out on the coupon codes!

I won’t be automatically converting anyone who signs up just for the Black Friday stuff, so if you are worried that this is just a scam to get your email, it isn’t. I do advertise my main newsletter at the bottom of the Black Friday emails asking if you’d like to sign up, but it’s still all voluntary and entirely up to you to join that or not. My monthly newsletter sends out info relating to any shows happening in the US that month, info about any new products or promotions I’m running, and a preview of my latest blog post or two. Useful stuff, or at least, that’s always my goal.

Share-ShM-BlackFridaySaleIs it too late to subscribe?

Nope! Well, assuming you are reading this before Tuesday, Nov 29 2016 it isn’t! You have missed out on the freebies, but on the first email you’ll get, I’ve included another coupon code to get each of the freebies for just $1. I hate missing out on a good deal, so I want everyone to have a chance to get the same cool things. Click here and get signed up ASAP!


Yup! We are offering a free I <3 Minis keychain and also a free Mystery Grab Bag garland to every customer during our three day sale. You do need to add each of these products to your cart and enter the coupon code you were emailed, but that’s it! Yay, free stuff! (with purchase)

ShM_Keychains-heldThe keychain is part of a limited edition set, we only made 99 originally and when they are gone they are gone forever, so get yours now! These hardwood cherry keychains are the perfect gift for that miniatures friend who already has everything or you aren’t sure what scale or style they prefer in their dollhouses. They come with a ball chain loop for hanging. I keep mine on my purse but they are sized right to hang with a set of keys.

MysteryGrabThe Mystery Garland is a single random garland from one of the ones pictured here. I’ve added a twist though, we let you decide against whichever is your least favorite garland, and we’ll be sure not to send that one. That’s always the worst park about grab bags right? You look over what is available, decide you like about half, hate one or two, and low and behold you always get the worst one. Yeah, I hate that too, so you tell me which one is the most useless for you, and I’ll send a different one.

What’s New?

CardsMantleSnapsTravel-WorldCork-webWe recently added a new stationary line. Be sure to check out our Holiday Cards and Envelopes.

For your cork board, we have photos! Travel Photos, and Family, Friends, & Pets Photos.

For starting school back up in January again, we have a set of eight School Papers.

Our Coloring Window Stickers are a fun kid’s DIY activity, and they come in multiple common scales.

Just in time for the Black Friday Sale we will be releasing 1:6 scale versions of many of our paper products, including the cards and envelopes, photos, and school papers.

Barbie sized calendars are also in the works, but those might not be ready in time for this sale. Cross your fingers!

Ok, I found a product I want, but what does ‘Available on backorder’ mean?


Don’t worry, go ahead and order it. That just means that I don’t happen to have any of that particular item sitting in my stock shelves right now. I hand make everything, and the thing you picked out either isn’t super popular and/or it only takes a day to make, so I don’t keep them on hand. While miniatures may be small, a large collection of them sure does take up space!

All orders get fulfilled within 1-3 days for items in stock, and 1-5 days for items on backorder, so it really shouldn’t be a concern. If you are rushing for someone’s birthday/anniversary/special day, choose a faster shipping method and let me know the date you need it by and I’ll do my very best. Most orders spend about 4 days with USPS before arriving, so that’s the easiest way to speed things up.

If everything is on sale, what’s special about the Sale category?

onsaleWell, if everything was in there, you’d never find anything! I’m currently using that category for items that are being discontinued. We have more than a few of those on the chopping block, so if you see something in there, this might be your last chance to grab it. If it is in that category and says backorder, I’m going to make you one of the very last ones of that item ever. After this sale ends, those items will be removed from my website. Everything else in that category will be removed once I’ve sold the last stocked piece.

Great, I’ve got my order ready. How do I use the coupon codes?

CouponCodeThere is a box on the cart page that says ‘apply coupon’. Type each code you’d like to use into that box one at a time. The freebie codes will work with a percent off code. After each code is submitted, check your new cart total to make sure what you expect to happen, actually did. If a code says you are missing a product, that means you forgot to add either the keychain or the mystery garland to your cart. After you add them, then you can use the code to make them free (or $1).

I’m ready for checkout, how safe is this website?

PayPalWe use PayPal! I don’t ever have access to your credit card or Paypal information, just your shipping details and email address so I can contact you about any issues. We are just as safe as the big names out there.

After you hit the checkout button, you will be whisked away to a PayPal page and that’s where you’ll fill out the sensitive details. Please remember to complete the checkout process.

You should receive an automatic email confirming your order as soon as you have completed checkout. If you didn’t get it, check your spam email folder, wait 5 mins, check inbox and spam folders again, and then email me. I can check to see if it went through or not. Email for any and all concerns and inquiries.

Great! When do I get my stuff?

HolidayPicIt all depends on if your items were in stock or on backorder and how popular this sale ends up being! I’m going to do my best to send out as many orders of all the in stock items first, then I’ll get going on everything that is back ordered. Most orders should go out within the week. You WILL get your items before Christmas. The latest I expect anyone to get their orders is Dec 10, because 2 weeks sounds like plenty of time. This isn’t a hard promise, and if any order is expected to take longer than that, you will be notified of its status. It’s hard to make promises with no data to go on, so please be patient if something is unexpected.

Well, that’s pretty much it,
Happy Shopping, and Happy Holidays!
April and Kirie


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